Ritual Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bar

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This chocolate is made with a blend of our cacao nibs that are aged in High West Distillery bourbon whiskey barrels for several months. This process provides subtle notes of the charred, white American Oak and light hints of bourbon whiskey. We found that aging the nibs in a fresh whiskey barrel has an interesting effect on the final flavor of the chocolate. This is by no means a whiskey flavored chocolate, but the flavor of the whiskey is detectable. What really stands out is the "mellowing" effect of the oak whiskey barrel. The chocolate tastes a bit "softer around the edges" and has a pleasant aroma and aftertaste. Due to this unique aging process, this chocolate is extremely limited. High West is one of our local whiskey distilleries in Park City and is the go-to whiskey for those who want a little taste of the high mountain west.

When we started our own chocolate story we lived in a tiny 400 sq ft studio and converted it into a chocolate making test kitchen, with the sound of chocolate grinders lulling us to sleep each night. We put together PVC pipes attached at every angle in our backyard for winnowing the shells and converted a countertop chicken rotisserie oven into a cacao bean drum roaster. It was a beautiful mess and we loved every moment of it!

It‰۪s been a long time since our first forays into the world of cacao, with plenty of trial & error. We now have a factory in the mountains of Utah, using old world techniques combined with newer machinery to craft the best & smoothest chocolate possible.

We continuously strive for more sustainable practices‰ÛÓwhether it‰۪s the cacao we source, the sugar we use, our compostable chocolate pouches, the recyclable box, or the way we organize our factory to best utilize the natural heat to help us in our processes and reduce energy use. In partnership with the Recycle Utah Green Business Program, we set new sustainability goals every year to make sure we are always improving and doing our best. Future goals include becoming 100% zero waste and 100% solar powered.

We take our cacao sourcing seriously. With each farm or co-operative of farms we work with we truly believe in their practices that support heirloom genetics and sustainability for the farming community. We are in it for the long haul with these partners, as they often have to navigate price changes, difficult harvests, and other inconsistent buyers. Every farm and cooperative we work with is setting the bar for the highest standards of environmental, flavor, economic and social aspects. We only want to work with origins that we can feel good about and that challenge the old models.